Presmeccanica s.r.l.

metal scraps presses
Via Travallino, 15
Tel. +39 051-533027  Fax. +39 051-6010005

For many years our company manufactures presses for compacting every kind of scraps: waste, tins, metals, iron, cars, etc..

Besides, since 1983 we bought the manufacturing rights for the presses from Costruzioni Meccaniche Migliari; therefore we are able to supply the spare parts also for all  " HERCULES " presses manufactured from 1960 on.

Our presses are worldwide known to be among the best both for the quality of electric and hydraulic fluid plant components and for the stoutness consisting of the best quality thicklayered sheet steels.

Our production includes several models with unlike specifications and mode of use, so we can satisfy any need.

All our presses, excepted model MERCURY 500, can be supplied either with wheels for moving ( by dragging) inside the work space, or with the frame provided brakets for fixing to the ground. The customer will choose the favourite version.

We assure that our selling prices, quality being equal, are certainly competitive with those of our most qualified competitors'ones; besides we ensure the utmost punctuality of the delivery time and the total observance of the contractual guarantee.